Kicking Off a New Year at the Phoenix Coworking Space

A Busy Start to the Year!

2019 has kicked off with enthusiasm!

The year has kicked off with enthusiasm!

Well, we’ve been getting very busy recently at the Phoenix coworking office space, and the year has found all 4 private office spaces occupied in the location. And that’s great as the environment is more enjoyable with more colleagues to have a coffee with or simply say ‘hello’ to in the morning.

Purple Tree Recruiting

purple tree recruitingWe want to feature some of the great companies that are working with us now and first would like to feature Purple Tree Recruiting, one of North America’s premier executive search and staffing companies, who’s been with us at the space for over a year now. Purple Tree is an excellent recruiting firm. They have over 14 years of recruiting experience and a proven track record of building high-volume performance teams that consistently grow market share and exceed their clients’ objectives. Purple Tree’s mission is to create strategic partners and build long-term relationships that serve both candidates and clients.

Matt Scanlon

One of our favorite coworkers in the building is Matt Scanlon, who as President of the national executive search and staffing company has done an excellent job growing the business and is an overall pleasure to work with. Matt says of his time here, “I really enjoy working here at the space. The other workers here are extremely professional, helpful, and a great group of people.”
Overall, Matt is a great colleague to have here at the office, but don’t leave a Dr. Pepper in the refrigerator as it just might turn up missing. All jokes aside, we love having Matt here and wish him and Purple Tree Recruiting the best this year.
Matt Scanlon of Purple Tree Recruiting

Matt Scanlon of Purple Tree Recruiting

While our coworking space being full may be bad news for those looking for a private office, the good news is that we do still have shared office space. Please contact us with any need, see our coworking office space rates here or contact us using the form below.

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