Welcoming Jumpstart to the Coworking Community


Today marks the grand opening of Jumpstart; a coworking space located in Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) canyon corridor.

Jumpstart, the brainchild of GCU grad Sam Macias, is bringing the spirit of coworking out to the west valley in the hopes of inspiring a wave of entrepreneurs and small businesses that will add to the vibrancy of the area.

The grand opening was well attended and there were plenty of interesting people gathered to celebrate. Scattered amongst the attendees were GCU faculty, state employees, Local First leadership, government representatives, and our own Eric Diaz from Coworking on 15th Ave.

Eric gave a motivating talk about the importance of coworking and the necessity of building a supportive business community that spans the entirety of the greater Phoenix area, in more than just the east valley.

Jumpstart is doing its part to foster that community by expanding the Phoenix Coworking Alliance’s reach to Maryvale and giving a home to a growing number of remarkable small businesses.

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