Introducing Collectivo to Coworking

Exciting things have been happening at our office space with one of our members, Collectivo, who has been working at Coworking on 15th Ave since May of this year.

Collectivo is an organization that fosters a networking community which meets bimonthly to educate as well as learn from industry professionals on Hispanic marketing topics. Christian Henriquez and Joshua Molina, two of the founders from Collectivo have been meeting here almost every Tuesday night to help found Collectivo.

They are proud to be debuting Collectivo at their first panel discussion event this coming Wednesday, September 17th. This month’s topic is Hispanic or Latino? How do we address this growing demographic?

Christian’s and Joshua’s roles with Collectivo as co-founders are to facilitate anything that is needed for the organization to succeed and grow as well as use their personal connections to foster awareness of the organization.

Having little experience previously with coworking spaces they see the value it brings to start ups and look forward to using Coworking on 15th Ave in Collectivo’s future.  As they grow Collectivo, they hope to gain that sense of community that coworking has to offer as well as the flexibility they need to be professional and successful.

If you would like to attend and help support these entrepreneurs, please RSVP here.

Let’s meet Christian and Joshua, cofounders of Collectivo with a short interview:

Christian Henriquez

Joshua Molina

Joshua Molina











1. How has the coworking space helped you in projects you’ve worked on or are currently working with?

(Christian) Personally I have seen the value (coworking) has brought to other start-ups here in the valley. Coworking will be my first choice when I work on my own project.

(Josh) The coworking space has been vital to our projects, since it provided a shared location for us to collaborate and work through our concepts. The office is also centrally located for all of our cofounders.

2. Where do you see Collectivo in the next 1-2 years?

(Christian) In the next 1-2 years I hope we have grown and evolved to be an organization that is well regarded with the likes of Seed Spot for example. We want to be leaders in networking across the valley and the state.

(Josh) I see Collectivo as a self-sustained group that extends being local marketers and attracts outside talent for training and networking.

3. What is your role in Collectivo and how do you contribute to the organization?

(Christian) As a co-founder, my role is to facilitate in any way possible anything that is needed for the organization such as research and social media for example.

(Josh)  I am a cofounder of Collectivo and was able to help coordinate the key players and market our idea to a growing number of people.

4. What is your favorite thing about coworking spaces?

(Christian) My favorite thing definitely has to be the sense of community.

(Josh) I love how the coworking space is not just for work but for fun events as well. The after hours scene at Coworking on 15th is a great place to meet cool people.

5. For Collectivo, why use a coworking space and not an individual office?

(Christian) Many start up organizations like Collectivo need flexibility. Coworking offers that. At the same time it gives you the opportunity to still have a professional setting for meetings. It’s a win-win.
(Josh)  The use of the coworking space really facilitated our creative process; having a place outside the rigid walls of an individual office really helps you think outside the box.

To attend their inaugural event and help support these entrepreneurs, please RSVP here.