What is the Vintage Ad Gallery inside Coworking on 15th Ave?

What is the Vintage Ad Gallery?

The Typewriter vs. The Watch advertisement from Smith Corona which hangs in our Southeast Workspace, aka Technology room.

The Typewriter vs. The Watch advertisement from Smith Corona which hangs in our Southeast Workspace, aka Technology room.

The Vintage Ad Gallery was created by Coworking on 15th Ave in order to celebrate iconic advertising from eras past. The majority of this advertising comes from the decades between the 1920’s and 1960’s.

Why a Vintage Ad Gallery in a Coworking Space?

Every business needs marketing, and advertising is one of the purest forms of advertising that exists. The mission of the Vintage Ad Gallery is to inspire our budding entrepreneurs and growing small businesses by prominently displaying successful advertising from our recent past.

Why Not Just Hang Artwork Like Every Other Coworking Office Space in the World?

“Creativity without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called advertising.” – Prof. Jef L. Richards.

What Types of Advertisements does the Vintage Ad Gallery Display?

The majority of the vintage advertisements on display currently are print ads, which often have come from magazines from their respective decades. However, you will note that there are several physical advertisements such as the Spuddy Buddy stuffed animal from the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) as well as the Golden Rule loaf of bread that hangs from above and provides an aerial greeting to visitors in the kitchen. This type of tangible advertisement is something that will be more of a focus in future displays. Additionally, it is the desire of gallery curators to create more partnerships with brands (such as the IPC which graciously donated Spuddy Buddy) to ask that they too may donate pieces from their historic advertising efforts that will serve an educational role in the Vintage Ad Gallery.

Vintage Ad Themes:

You will note that each room within Coworking on 15th Ave holds a specific theme and the current themes are listed below. These themes do change as our collection grows, so stop by occasionally to see whats new!

Main Kitchen: Beverages

Southwest Workspace: Sports

Large Conference Room: Consumer Packaged Goods – Personal Care

Southeast Workspace: Technology

Secondary Kitchen: Foods

Foyer: Vehicles & Transportation

Central Workspace: Cigarettes

Northeast Workspace: Financial Services


Please let us know if you have any recommendations/suggestions for advertisements or themes that should be on display in our gallery. Send to: info (at) coworkingon15th.com. Thanks!