My Experience Interning at Coworking on 15th Ave

Jorian Smith of coworking on 15th aveThe four months while interning at Coworking on 15th Ave. was a great experience. I met some great people and learned a lot of new things. Lots of hard work, social media, and data research; enough to make me very happy I wont have to be doing data research for a while lol. I was happy with my choice of interning here for Eric as he has been a great mentor. He taught me so many new things but it was a great feeling to be able to teach him just as many things along the way. This was one of my favorite parts about my experience at Coworking on 15th Ave.

It’s a great feeling to go into a learning environment and be able to give your advice, opinion, or expertise and be able to contribute towards the goals of that task. I enjoyed assisting Eric with the set up, marketing, and creation of Coworking on 15th’s grand opening. So much hard work went into this event that it definitely turned into my little baby and it was awesome to see this hard work come together to create such a successful event. I was able to utilize my major in so many different aspects of what I did during my time interning at Coworking on 15th Ave. But that’s the great thing about meeting and working with new people, because you go in expecting to learn from someone and often times you can have a great affect on your mentor and teach them some new tricks too.

jorian at coworking on 15th ave in phoenix arizona
My coworkers Carla, Rubi, and Clint were great to work and they have taught me so much! I know that the information that I’ve learned from them is priceless in nature because it has helped me advance my social media, networking and marketing abilities by a great deal. I’m grateful for this experience and for the great relationships I’ve built and there were definitely lots of laughs and fun times had, from our Friday barbecues to our fieldtrip to see Snoop Dogg at the Arizona State Fair were memories I will never forget. I hope that from this experience that I have left as big an impact on my coworkers as they have had on me.