Eric Diaz, “I ain’t hard to find.”

I have never been one to compare myself to actors or their lifestyles, but one evening after a long day of painting (and maybe too many fumes) in the coworking office I found myself thinking about Al Pacino. Not just any Al Pacino, the 1983 Al Pacino from the movie Scarface. For the first time in my life I felt like I could actually compare my situation to that of a movie.

eric diaz of coworking on 15th aveIn the movie, Michelle Pfeifer’s character ominously warns Frank, the partner of Al Pacino’s character Tony Montana, that if anyone ever wanted to assassinate him that he ain’t hard to find.  In this case she was upset that they were going to the same restaurant that they always went to.  Sure enough however, Tony Montana knew where to find him and a few days later Frank winds up dead at Tony’s hand.

Tony Montana, Al Pacino’s character, has a famous one-liner in the movie that kept echoing in my head – “I ain’t hard to find”.

In the movie Scarface, Tony Montana’s partner Frank ‘ain’t hard to find’ because he is always hanging out at the same bar every night. His wife Elvira (Michelle Pfeifer) warns him that if someone ever wanted to kill him they would know exactly where to find him.

While I don’t plan to die at Co-working on 15th Ave, I compared my situation to Tony Montana’s partner in that, I ain’t hard to find. Co-working on 15th Ave is my home away from home. I am here seven days a week painting, hanging lights, grouting tile, and of course barbecuing and networking. I have put my life savings into Co-working on 15th Ave along with hundreds of hours of repairs and remodels. The vision I had for this building when I bought it is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality everyday I spend working on it. In a weird way, Co-working on 15th Ave has become an extension of me.

On November 7th at 5:30, Co-working on 15th Ave will officially open up to all of the creative professionals in Phoenix interested in collaborating in a communal workspace. Once Co-working on 15th Ave is officially open not much will change for me. I ain’t hard to find now and I won’t be hard to find after November 7th. You will still find me here everyday either working on my other business or firing up the BBQ at lunchtime. The only difference will be all of the creative people that come in everyday to join me.


There are still a few seats remaining, please RSVP for the Grand Opening of Coworking on 15th Ave here.

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